Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Still here

Short update time. Just banging away. Nothing important to share.

I try to read the scamblogs every few weeks. I'm too busy to do so daily or even weekly. The news is as one would expect, I suppose. Change takes time.

There are only a few people from my law school class that I know anything about. Some are really struggling. Others are making it.

A few weeks ago I spoke with an individual with $200k in student loans. This individual did not attend my law school, the highest I had heard from my graduating class was in the $150 range. Bad news, to be sure, but $200k is a whole other level of crazy. I inquired if this individual was on IBR. The response was affirmative.

I honestly didn't know what to say. Offer condolences? Offer a hug? Run?

I keep meeting people that are just buried in debt. Buried.