Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sun's out, guns out

Reflection time. Sorting out my 2013 taxes means I get to see, in hard numbers, all my income from the past year. All from being a "lawyer."

It looks like it totals just around $60k for the year (it was actually closer to $50k, see update below). I don't have it all in front of me as I really didn't plan on posting anything this morning. Instead, it just kinda occurred to me that it was time to check in on the 'ol Cruxy website as the day went on. If I'm way off, I'll correct the number later. It is likely very close to my total gross income for 2013. I had four different employers last year, three part time gigs and one that was kinda full time, but kinda varied on occasion. Basically, it was a shit show and totally unpredictable. Many of you reading this will know exactly what I'm talking about.

All in all, not too bad. Models and bottles, 24/7? Not hardly. But, I am covering my expenses, paying those things that must be paid, and generally just living my life. So, I've got that going for me. That's nice... (hat tip to Bill Murray).

I will have ticked off six months with my new employer in April, the "small firm" I mentioned back in November. I'll take a look at what I've billed, what I've been paid, what it looks like going forward, how many clients owe me money, etc., next month.

Yeah, people don't pay you in this business. Good times.

The gig seems OK so far. I get on with everyone well. The work is consistent, sometimes overwhelming, and challenging. I've actually turned down clients recently. I feel confident saying this the first stable job I've had since becoming a lawyer.

Honestly, I've meet some nice folks over the last year. About 15 - 20% are nice, honest, decent, and hardworking human beings. The remaining 80 - 85% are the bastards. Full stop.

Best of luck to all of you.

Update: I actually made about $50k in 2013, not the $60k I wrote above. That's a difference of about 16%, thus enough that I thought I should update the figures provided. Ouch.